We have a zero tolerance on abuse to our staff. 

We have policies in place to protect us including shave off policies, dematting policies & 24 hour cancellation policies.

All new customers are required to pay a deposit of £25 for first appointments. After this we do not take deposits unless we deem it necessary. If we receive less then 24 hours notice your deposit will not be returned to you or changed to another appointment. We will not be able to groom your dog/cat again on any occasion until you have paid the missed appointment fee & paid up front for the next booked appointment. We run a strict business due to appointments being booked to pay staff, commercial bills & our own bills. We unfortunately can not make exceptions as we book in advance. Please bare this in mind when making a booking with us. We share this policy with the hydrotherapy & require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or changes in appointments.

If your dog is matted or to knotty we will only ever comply to the animal welfare act. We will not put any animal through unnecessary suffering for the vanity of the owner. If you would like to prevent your dog/cat from being 'skinned' please ensure they are brushed regularly & are mat/knot free when they visit us.  We are always happy to offer advice to owners on ideal grooming schedules & maintenance of coats at home,