£500 on day 7 of training
£500 on day 14 of training
£500 on day 21 of training
£500 on day 28 of training
Total of £4000

Donna qualified teacher level 3 in Awards of Education & Training

We are now able to offer a payment plan for the OCN level 3.

£1000 deposit

£1000 on 1st day or before




Our new dog grooming school is open at Millie's Paws. We are pleased to be part of the ipet network offering a nationally recognised dog grooming qualification. The OCN Level 3 diploma in dog grooming is delivered over 26 days practical training with approximately 5 days of home study. ipetnetwork has developed the qualification in conjunction with the open college network & is regulated by Ofqual and is recognised in the UK’s national education system at level 3 which is the equivalent of A level learning. Over the period of 26 days, students will groom a minimum of 10 different breeds in a minimum of 15 different styles but often many more.  There are no pre-requisites to starting the course, meaning you can join at level 3 without having completed a lower level (level 2) course first which can be a huge cost saving to students. 

Students will be trained in practical skills such as bathing, scissoring, clippering, nail trimming, ear plucking and the qualification course includes hand-stripping.

Units included within this qualification are: 

• Health Checking a Dog by a Dog Groomer 

• Assess, Plan and Record Dog Grooming Work 

• Carry Out Styling and Finishing of a Dog

• Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals 

• Welcome, Receive and Care for Customers 

• Canine First Aid

Uniquely, students are continually assessed via practical demonstration and coursework. You don’t have to sit an exam in order to achieve the qualification. This holistic approach has been welcomed by students internationally. iPET Network wants to take the pressure out of adult learning and this approach appeals to a wide range of students. We are striving to improve industry standards by ensuring students walk out of our doors qualified, confident and competent. 

The Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming will demonstrate to an employer or the general public that you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully groom a variety of dogs. This is a formal, regulated, nationally recognised qualification that will remain relevant throughout your career and can only be achieved by reaching the required skill level. It has been designed specifically for those looking to become professional dog groomers or those who already groom dogs (as a hobby or career) but do not currently hold a nationally recognised qualification. 

A fast-track option is also available for experienced groomers seeking a formal qualification to confirm their skill level or those who have undertaken other qualifications but see the benefit in gaining the iPET Network seal of approval. Please contact us for further details or to talk through the course most suitable to you. 

​We will also be offering:

Canine first aid OCN West Midlands Accredited. Our 1 day Canine First Aid Course is perfect for owners and professionals alike who want to be prepared should a pet need emergency treatment. Our course covers the most commonly faced canine needs such as how to treat injury, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR, hypothermia and much more.

A combination of theory and practical exercises (with some of our brilliant demo dogs), we aim to prepare you with the knowledge required should you ever be faced with an emergency situation.

Our course is accredited through the Open College Network West Midlands and each student will receive a recognised certificate for their learning.  This certificate is valid for 3 years before requiring a refresher training day.

Introductory 5 day course in dog grooming OCN West Midlands AccreditedThis course is the first step in learning all about dog grooming and trying your hand at some of the less complex styles. Developed over 5 days it is perfect for students who have little knowledge of dogs but who are interested in a career in dog grooming. It is also an ideal course for dog owners who wish to learn how to correctly groom a specific breed in a variety of styles. 

The course will include units such as tools of the trade, basic handling, bathing, nail trimming, clippering and scissoring techniques. On completion of this course you will know whether you wish to pursue a career in dog grooming or if your new skills are just for your dogs to enjoy. 

Foundation 10 day course in dog grooming OCN West Midlands Accredited.​ This course is a leap up from the Introductory Course offering further practical and hands on skill practice. Packed into 10 days you will touch on different aspects of dog grooming, this is the perfect course length to fit around your current employment or lifestyle. In this course you will gain knowledge of the most popular dog breeds seen in a grooming salon. The study level will appeal to potential employers in a salon job application and enable you to display an array of skills. This course may also appeal to students who have experience in grooming but wish to re-fresh their skills on suitable dog models in a grooming salon environment. 

The course will include further details on tools of the trade, animal welfare legislation, handling, bathing, nail trimming, clippering and scissoring techniques, ear plucking, breed specific styling, health and safety in the salon, choosing the right products for the dog and distinguishing between different coat types to ensure the correct grooming methods are used.

Salon experience daysOur salon experience days are tailored for people who want to gain vital work experience in a fully operational grooming salon. You will spend the day working alongside an experienced stylist who can show you varying methods and techniques to suit the dogs through the door that day.

Salon experience days are also great for those considering a career in Dog Grooming. You can get a feeling for this exciting and rewarding career and ask as many questions as you like!

Groom your own dog days.Bring your dog along & spend a day with us learning to groom the from start to finish. Including bathing, drying, grooming, advice on styles & equipment.​


OCN Level 3 Diploma in dog grooming: 31 days £4000 (£1000 non refundable deposit required, payment to be completed before start date) (Canine first aid included)

OCN Level 3 Fast track: £1250 assessed in your own premises with your own dogs (£1000 non refundable deposit required, payment to be completed before start date) (Canine first aid required)

OCN Level 3 Fast track: £1850 assessed in our centre with our dogs (£1000 non refundable deposit required, payment to be completed before start date) (Canine first aid required)

​Introductory 5 day course in dog grooming OCN West Midlands Accredited: £990 (£500 non refundable deposit required, payment to be completed before start date)*

​Foundation 10 day course in dog grooming OCN West Midlands Accredited: £1980 (£1000 non refundable deposit required, payment to be completed before start date)*

Groom your own dog days £240

Salon experience day: £120 (payment required on booking, non refundable)**

Canine first aid OCN West Midlands Accredited: £129 (payment required on booking, non refundable***

*If you would like to progress to the OCN Level 3 Diploma after attending a 5 or 10 day course we will deduct the days you have trained & the cost accordingly.

**If you would like to book a course after the salon experience day we will deduct £60 from your chosen course.

***Canine first aid will be reduced to £99 if completing a fast track, 5 day or 10 day course & not in current possession of a valid OCN accredited canine first aid certificate.

If you wish to upgrade your course it must be done so within 1 week to receive our offers.

Accepted forms of payment: Card, cash, bank transfer

Contact Donna on 07925 917949 or email themidlandsschoolofdoggrooming@outlook.com