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Our centre offers many services to our clients & we kindly ask that our policies are respected.

On this page you will find our current policies in use. If clients wish not to abide by these policies, they will be asked to terminate their services with us.


Due to covid 19 we have had to implement changes to the operation of our business. Please help us by following these procedures. We have limited staff & must follow our guidelines to keep us safe. This will involve our day to day operations changing. These are as follows:     • Strict 24hr cancellation notice (full grooming fee applicable) • Strict drop off & collection times • Please do not arrive early or late for dropping off or collecting • Late drop offs maybe cancelled & full cancellation fee will apply • Sitting fees of £5 per hour will be charged for dogs not collected on time & will be designated a new collection time • We will be keep your dog on average around 2 - 3 hours to limit our reception time • Cancellation & late pick up fees charged • Extra grooming charges apply (starting at £10) if coat is matted/knotted/fleas present • Remote payment before collection where possible, we can take card & cash payments in the shop but where possible please help us to reduce contact & time spent in reception • Remote appointment bookings where possible • Card payments where possible rather than cash • Owners must have dog well brushed • Styles will be modified if coat is matted • Minimum customers in salon at a time (where possible just one person) • Secure your own dog on arrival & collection • Take leads, collars & coats home - leave in your car ready for collection • Pets are groomed at owner’s risk • Please do not book if you are self isolating • We are still offering our spa treatments, £10 each of 3 for 2 • Please only book an appointment if you can meet these terms • We have new procedures to adhere to & this will incur extra time & flexibility •


We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy to cancel or change appointments. Less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a loss of your booked & paid for appointment. We hold initial consultations to determine your dogs teeth & their suitability based on behaviour. If they are not suitable we will still charge for the time spent at a reduced price. We have a terms & conditions contract to sign for teeth cleaning. 


We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy to cancel or change appointments. Less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a loss of your booked & paid for appointment. POOL NOTICE: If your dog defecates in our pool there will be a stand alone charge of £50 to cover our down time & cleaning costs.


Millie's Paws Grooming Studio abides by the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. We will not cause unnecessary suffering to any animal by trying to demat for more than 20 minutes. We will put the welfare of your animal first. If your pet has knots or mats more than the size of one 50p we will shave the coat off. If matting is tight to the skin it will only come away by being shaved down. To avoid this we recommend regular appointments & brushing at home. We will not be held responsible for coats in a bad condition & you will still be required to pay the full amount for the appointment should you choose to leave our advice. We will be required to log this with RSPCA should you leave without us completing. We will ask you to sign a shave off form to confirm your understanding which also states we are not responsible should the skin become irritated or should we cause injury due to the matted coat being tight to the skin. Matted pets will incur an extra charge, this will be evaluated at the time of grooming. Payment will be required on collection.


Our flea policy states we will charge £10 extra for dog's & £15 extra for cat's should your pet have fleas. This covers our cleaning procedure & a natural flea shampoo.


All customers will be required to pay a full minimum deposit to book an appointment. Prices are starting prices. If you need to cancel or change your appointment we will require at least 24 hours notice or we will need to charge a full cancellation fee. If you have paid a deposit you will lose the deposit. You will then be required to pay for the next appointment in full to book with us again.  Unfortunately we make no exceptions for less than 24 hours notice as we can not replace the appointment & we have wages to pay.  


We charge £5 per accident if you have not toiletted your dog before their appointment. We know new dogs can be nervous & we also have dogs whom are anxious when they visit. We expect little accidents dependant on the dog & situation. However we also have dogs that will go multiple times & dogs that scent mark as they are not neutered. This takes a lot of time & products to clean up & can leave an odour causing other dogs to do the same. 


Any customer found to be giving any of our staff abuse in any form will be asked to leave. If you do not leave the police will be called. We also do not accept any form of online bullying. If you have any concerns or complaints please contact us in the first instance.

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