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From puppies to seniors & all different coat types, the team at Millie's Paws are qualified to meet your pets needs!

We have a selection of photos with different breeds, coat types & ages.

Puppy Kasper having his first bath!


Based in Hawkesbury Village, we offer many packages to suit your pets needs & lifestyle. Please remember to book ahead of time as like many other groomers we can be booked 2/3 weeks in advance unless we have cancellation spots. It is always recommended that you keep a regular grooming schedule booked with your groomer to keep your pets coat in a good condition. We use high quality shampoo including hypo allergenic for dogs with sensitive skin & blueberry tearless facial shampoo for a brighter & cleaner face. If you would like to upgrade your pets spa treatments please see our page on spa treatments upgrade

All dogs are bathed using our hydro bathing system. The powerful water jet that is sprayed out combines shampoo & water ensuring an enjoyable massage & bathing experience for your pet. The water is set to temperature & the pressure can be adjusted for nervous or small pets. In addition there is a hinged false floor which is more comforting for smaller pets.


FULL GROOMING PACKAGE FROM £43 (Please contact us for prices as each breed/size/condition of coat is different) - We include nail trimming, ear cleaning, hydrobath, standard facial, dry, brushout, full styling, perfume/cologne & a nice bow on your dogs collar.

BATH & TIDY PACKAGE FROM £30 - We include nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, standard facial, dry, brushout, sanitary area trim, paw trim, face trim (around the eyes) & a nice bow on your dogs collar. Ideal for short haired breeds that do not require styling or for an in between groom in addition to your regular grooming schedule.

PUPPY GROOMS FROM £30 - Ideal for up to 6 months of age. This package introduces your puppy to the grooming environment. It helps to get them used to the sounds, sights, smells & feel of a grooming studio. Equipment that is used everyday is run in the background to allow your puppy to slowly get used to it at their own pace. Includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, dry, brushout, sanitary area trim, paw trim, face trim (around the eyes) & a nice bow on your dogs collar. Does not include styling which is not recommended on your puppy's first visit. If styling is required or the coat is matted then full grooming prices will be charged.







We kindly ask you collect your pet at the time stated even if you arrive early & wait in your car. This is due being a small studio with no where to hold dogs. We will charge a fee of £5 per 15 minutes as this will cause a knock on effect to our next clients & we must be mindful of dogs becoming noisy & affecting our neighbours & our licence.

Please be aware we operate a cancellation policy. If we receive less than 24 hours notice to cancel or re-arrange your appointment we will charge a full groom  fee. If you would like to rebook you will be required to pay the full cancellation fee (price of the groom) & pay in advance for the next booking. We have customers wanting appointments & less than 24 hours notice is to late to rebook the appointment out. We still have wages & bills to pay & as a small business we must seek the fee back from the customer. Staff work according to the amount of bookings, they can not be expected to take a cut in wages due to late cancellations or no-shows.

Prices are charged at a starting price, the final price depends on - the size of the breed & the size of the dog within that breed, the condition of the coat ie matts, knots & how packed the coat is, the dogs temperament as this will dictate how much can be done & in what time scale. If a dog is not enjoying the experience, becomes agitated or aggressive then it may be necessary to stop & for the dog to be collected with a view to arranging another grooming session if possible. If your dog has matts please be aware it may not be possible to get these out. We only try to de-matt a dog for no more than 20 minutes due to the stress this puts on the dogs skin. If there are significant matts/knots then this could result in your dogs coat being shaved off making the length of the coat significantly shorter. This will cost extra due to the wear & tear it puts on equipment, groomers health & time taken to shave a coat off. If you can not get a comb through your dogs coat then please take into consideration it is no easier for a groomer. If you allow your dog to become matted/knotted it makes the grooming experience unpleasant for them rather than enjoyable.

Please note if your dog has fleas we charge a minimum of £15 depending on the severity.

Mat Mannion reviewed Millie's Paws Grooming Studio –

5 star

20 July 2017 ·

Very happy with the service I received when taking Daisy to be groomed. Thank you for doing such a good job with her despite how nervous and jittery she is!

Laura Duggan recommends Millie's Paws Grooming Studio.

12 November 2019 ·

Dolly visited Millie’s Paws today just to have her nails clipped. She is an extremely nervous pug and a handful to say the least. The ladies managed to cut all of Dolly’s nails in less than 10 minutes and we had been trying at home for weeks. Amazing service, lovely friendly staff and Dolly will definitely be returning. 5* service - Thank you Millie’s Paws! 🐾💗

Jo Charlton recommends Millie's Paws Grooming Studio.

13 October 2018 ·

Hugo went for his first groom yesterday, Donna and everyone else were really lovely and you can tell they care about the dogs. Hugo is quite nervous but they dealt with him brilliantly. X he looks brilliant and will defo be going back again and again. 😁😁👍👍

We are able to accommodate senior dogs & dogs with the inability to stand for long periods of time.

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