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Here’s what we’ve been working on

Our centre has numerous security measures from the front of the building to the back, ensuring the safety of all pets & our staff. We have a gated area at the rear of the centre which allows dogs to toilet & enjoy the fresh air, with 3 doors/gates to the front of the building including a keypad entry keeping us all safe!

Our large walk in shower accommodates dog's that are immobile or are to large/heavy for the bath. 

All dog's are secured in either a large fenced pen or a large crate to comply with health & safety & insurance policies. All dog's have water & bedding. For in dog's that do not settle during their time with us, we either keep them in the grooming room with us attached to the wall or we call owners to come & collect earlier to prevent further distress.

Photos of the interior of our centre that is used for the school, grooming & hydrotherapy!

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